Did you see it?  The moon shone blood red overnight, and prominent San Antonio pastor John Hagee thinks no good can come of this.


                Photo: Trey Stockert

  The founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church has intensively studied the 'blood moon' phenomenon, and, in an interview with 1200 WOAI's Michael Board, Hagee said when the blood moon is mentioned in the Bible, which occurs several times, it is usually in reference to a 'monumental event.'


  And, Hagee says it is far from coincidence that the next four lunar eclipses are during Jewish Holy Days.


  "We are going to see something happen in Israel that is going to change the course of world history," Hagee said.


  He points out that previous 'Blood Moons' have coincided with events like the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in the late 15th Century, and the creation of the state of Israel in 1947.


  "This marked the time of the edict of expulsion, which banished all the Jewish people from Spain," Hagee said.


  The Moon was red last night because the alignment of the Earth and the Moon caused light refraction.  Hagee says it causes something else as well...major events involving the Jewish people.


  Hagee says what is significant for him is the fact that at the time of this Blood Moon, Israel is facing a nuclear threat from Iran.


  "They have two options," Hagee said.  "One is to allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon and live under the threat of a nuclear attack."


  The other option, Hagee said, is for Israel to take aggressive action to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions.


  He says America and the world should use the Blood Moon as a sign that it's time to pray.