So how series is the 'health crisis' caused by the flood of Central American unaccompanied minor children into the U.S.?

  Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports doctors who attended the annual Border Health Conference report that it is not as serious as has been claimed by some conservative media outlets.

  Dr. Fernando Gonzalez, who heads the Health Department in the City of El Paso, says so far, fears of outbreaks of serious communicable diseases like tuberculosis have been unfounded.

  "We haven’t seen any increase in transmittable diseases because of this situation," Dr. Gonzalez said.

  He says what they have seen is conditions relating to the abhorrent conditions that the children suffer from the sometimes month long journey through Mexico, 'cleanliness' diseases like lice and scabies.

  "Isolated diseases cold happen, based on the length of the incubation period for serious diseases, but, up until now, we don't have that situation," he said.

  Texas health officials say more Texans have gotten the measles due to outbreaks in Kansas and other states of the U.S. than have gotten communicable diseases from the illegal immigrant children arriving from Central America.

  Three of the children have been diagnoses with H1N1 'swine' flu, but those cases have been easily treated and there has been no indication of widespread flu transmission.

  "There are some scabies and lice cases coming in with this population," Dr. Gonzalez told the conference.  "But these are not a public health threat."