The public dispute between Mayor Castro and Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Dan Patrick is reaching ridiculous proportions.  Now Castro says he won't stop at Buc-ee's because the roadside business has endorsed Patrick.


  "Won't gas up there any more since they support a fear mongering immigrant basher," Castro posted on his Twitter feed.


  Patrick and Castro have been bickering for weeks, after Patrick referred to the 'invasion' of illegal immigrants from Mexico flooding into Texas.  Castro called Patrick an 'immigrant basher' and compared him to Pete Wilson, the former California governor who's hard line stance against illegal immigration in the 1990s is credited as one of the reasons why California, which produced Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, is considered a safe Democratic state today.

  Castro says Patrick has been way off base on the issue of illegal immigration.

  "A few years ago he claimed that these immigrants were bringing Third World diseases into the country, and the state epidemiologist had to refute him and say there is no evidence of that," the mayor said.

  He said more immigrants are being deported today and fewer are entering the U.S. than at any time in the past several decades.

  Patrick and Castro have also discussed debating the issue for they have been unable to agree on a date and a location for the debate.

  Maybe it should take place at Buc-ees.