Former Mayor Julian Castro will be sworn in as the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development this week, wrapping up a hectic six weeks which saw a major change in the city's political leadership, Newsradio 1200 WOAI's Morgan Montalvo reports.

  Castro has already been confirmed to be Housing Secretary, and he will begin work as soon as he is sworn in.

  Castro resigned as mayor last Tuesday after Councilwoman Ivy Taylor was chosen has his successor on the third ballot by City Council.

  John Weekley, a prominent Texas political analyst, says Castro will bring a lot to the President's cabinet.

  "I think one of the things he will bring to that job is a real knowledge of the lives of people who are on welfare, and people who are below the poverty line," Weekley said.

  He pointed out that many housing secretaries have been long time political operatives with little experience actually with public housing or the issues surrounding low income neighborhoods.  Castro's mother actually worked for the San Antonio Housing Authority, and, although he never lived in public housing, he had close relatives who did.

  Weekley says the cabinet post is also somewhat of an 'audition' for Castro before the national Democratic Party.

  "You can't escape the fact that this may be his audition as a Vice Presidential candidate in 2016, which would be very smart of the Democrats to do," he said.

  Weekley says the two individuals most mentioned as potential Democratic Presidential nominees, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, would both get a huge boost from a young Hispanic Texan on their ticket.