The City of San Antonio says it is seeing progress in its effort to enforce new boarding home requirements which were approved by City Council in 2012, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The code requirements were passed after a fire at a boarding home north of downtown two years ago killed four residents.  The requirements call fro improved fire suppression systems and other new safety features.

  Several owners of boarding homes have already complied..and city officials say one company which had threatened to fight the new requirements in court has now settled.  The company's boarding home will close on July 31st and will not reopen until all of the upgrades are completed.

  "Development Services continues to enforce our City's Boarding Home ordinance to ensure the safety of these residents," said Mike Shannon, Assistant Director of the Development Services Department.  "With this compliance agreement, 108 boarding home residents have been placed in safer housing, and six boarding homes have been issued permits since the ordinance became effective in March."

  The new requirements cover homes which are used as residences for mentally or physically disabled individuals who cannot live by themselves.  Private companies generally run the boarding homes under contract from state agencies.