A federal judge in Corpus Christi has delayed a ruling on a request by a lawyer who represents dozens of families of victims of the General Motors faulty ignition switch to require all 2.6 million people who are driving the affected cars to immediately cease driving them.




Robert Hilliard told 1200 WOAI news in an interview that his 'park it now' request is the 'only way to save lives.'




“More people will die,” he said, if the vehicles which include ignition parts with GM has conceded are responsible for a dozen deaths are allowed to remain on the road.




“they can't guarantee that one of these failures won't occur when somebody is driving through a school zone,” Hilliard said. “GM caused this problem, and GM needs to fix it.”


U.S. District Judge Neiva Gonzales Ramos gave GM a few days to file papers showing why they think the proposal is too radical and too expensive.




Hillard scoffed at GM's claims that providing a loaner car to all drivers affected by the recall would be too expensive.




“They could have fixed it ten years ago for 58 cents a vehicle,” he said. “They thought that was too expensive too.”




Hilliard said he expects a ruling by mid week.




”This defect is severe and lives are being lost,” Hilliard said. “The devastation is heartbreaking and immeasurable. This is a human safety issue that is still going on.”