A scare turned out to be a false alarm today at Metzger Middle School in the Judson ISD.

  Judson's Steve Linscomb says workers who were on the roof of the school beginning to clean up graffiti on the building discovered what looked like sticks of dynamite on the roof.

  "They called in Judson ISD police," Linscomb said.  "They came and looked at it, agreed that they should bring in somebody with more expertise, so SAPD and Bexar County bomb squads were called out to investigate."

  He says the object was not dynamite, but a pack of roman candle fireworks that had been bound together.

  "The U.S. Marshal has been called in to lift prints, and they will investigate who put it up there, or if the surveillance video can see if the folks who did the tagging may have been connected to the package being put up there."

  He says the fireworks may have been there since the Fourth of July, when somebody thought it might have been a good place to launch fireworks.

  He says staffers at Metzger were evacuated as a precaution but are now being allowed to return.