The expression 'Def Jams' may turn out to be more than a marketing slogan.  New research show the 'earbuds' used with iPods and other mobile devices are far more likely than traditional headphones in leading to hearing loss, Newsradio 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez reports.

  "Ear buds are actually the worst, because they seem to have the least amount of noise reduction in them," Dr. Jane Watson of Audicles Hearing Services in San Antonio told Stephanie.

  The problem with hearing loss, experts say, is that unlike any other injury, it happens so slowly and gradually, that people frequently don't get any treatment or change their behavior until it's too late.

  Dr. Watson says the biggest problem with ear buds is that users crank up the volume too much.

  "I'm standing next to somebody on the elevator and I can hear the music on their ear buds, and I think, that is dangerously loud at the eardrum level."

  Researchers are suggesting that a regular baseline hearing test be administered to test hearing loss and damage to the inner ear.

  The hearing loss affects both teenagers, and people in their thirties. 

  "If they're using their ear buds now, unless they really cut back on that, it can just get worse," he said.  "This is not a temporary change in hearing.  It's permanent."