Texas Democratic governor candidate Wendy Davis is pounding her Republican opponent today for refusing to say how he would act if the Legislature passed a bill mandating equal pay for women, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The Legislature in 2013 did in fact pass an Equal Pay measure, but Governor Perry vetoed it, saying it would simply lead to more lawsuits against employers.


  "Greg Abbott needs to stop dodging and give a straight answer to his opposition to the Texas Equal Pay Act," Davis said.


  When asked about the proposal by a Dallas TV station, Abbott refused to give a direct answer.


  Davis says in Texas, the average woman makes 82% of the wage made by the average man doing the same job.


  "A full day's work is worth a full day's pay, no matter what your gender," Davis said.


  The comments show the importance to the Davis campaign of peeling off suburban women who have been the bedrock of the Republican ascendancy in Texas for the past two decades.


  "With more families than ever before relying on two incomes, they can't afford to have one of their paychecks unfairly reduced just because one of them is a woman," Davis said.