A 21 year old man escaped from the Bexar County Jail overnight, by tying bed sheets together and crawling down the east side of the building, News Radio 1200 WOAI's Michael Main reports.

  Police say Adam Novodvorschi then strolled across the jail driveway and then headed east, toward downtown.

  The alarm was sounded and police swarmed the area.  The Sheriff's Department distributed fliers featuring the escapee's picture, and about 90 minutes later, Novodvorschi was arrested at the Greyhound Bus Station downtown.

  Novodvorschi is not exactly a master criminal.  The reason he was in jail was an incident in June in which he went to a 26 year old man's home on Blanco Road and attempted to rob him at knife point.  The would be victim grabbed the knife, and stabbed Novodvorschi in the back.

  The timing of the escape is probably a bit of an embarrassment for the Sheriff's Department.  The Texas Sheriff's Association is in San Antonio for it's annual training conference, and one of the training sessions involves how to prevent jail escapes.