The feds say a man who was arrested at the London Olympics in 2012 may have been one of Texas' worst sex traffickers ever, with operations in San Antonio.


  Homeland Security Investigations is looking for anybody who may have had contact with Jason Gandy, 37.


  He was arrested smuggling a 15 year old boy into London as a 'massage therapist.'  Prosecutors say Gandy had previously molested the boy and planned to do so again.


  Gandy is held without bond pending an investigation into his actions.


  HSI agents say Gandy has traveled to the Philippines, Bali, and Indonesia in support of sex trafficking operations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. 


  The feds have caught Gandy up in Operation Predator, an international initiative to protect children from sexual predators.  It investigates child pornography rings, crimes against children, sex trafficking, and traveling overseas for sex with children, which is also a federal felony.