A lot of people will remember Fiesta 2014 as the day their life started going downhill.


  The Bexar County District Attorney says 178 people have been arrested for drunk driving during Fiesta, and two of the three big parade days are yet to come.


  "That is a lot, but it is also due to the fact that there are more officers out there who are dedicated to only doing DWIs," said Arthur Pue of the DA's staff.


  Officials pledged before the start of this year's Fiesta to crack down on drunk driving toward a goal of having zero drunk driving fatalities.


  "They are getting more intoxicated drivers off the streets before it results in tragedies," Pue said.  "Before they maim somebody or kill somebody."


  It is estimated that just a standard first time DWI, without an accident or any extenuating circumstances, like a small child in the car, will cost the motorist $18,000.  That covers the costs of fines and fees, as well as higher insurance rates, attorneys fees, the costs of mandatory alcohol counseling, lost wages, and other fees.  A drunk driving arrest can also mean termination for anybody whose job includes driving, and the loss of a license may make it difficult to keep a job of any sort in this city with limited public transportation.


  But it appears some people just don't listen.