The only problem the San Antonio Professional Firefighters faced when they hit the streets to collect signatures demanding a vote on that downtown streetcar project was a lack of petitions for all the people who wanted to sign.


  The SAPFFA reports nearly 5,000 people signed petitions, and the firefighters say they group, along with the San Antonio Tea Party and LULAC, who also oppose the streetcar, will continue to solicit petition signatures.


  The SAPFFA says anybody who wants to sign a petition calling for a vote on the streetcar plan in November can also sign at the SAPFF Hall on I-H 10 between Callaghan and Wurzbach.


  The SAPFFA is embracing opposition to the streetcar as City Manager Sheryl Sculley and other city officials continue demanding that uniformed public safety officers like Police and Firefighters agree to significant cuts in their health care benefits, and claim that the costs of the benefits are placing the city's financial future at risk.


  The Firefighters say by squandering up to $400 million on a wildly unpopular downtown streetcar is stark evidence that it is City officials and their 'irresponsible' spending schemes, and not the city's Police and Firefighters, which are placing the city's budget in jeopardy.


  The Firefighters have yet to agree to sit down for talks with city officials on the issue.