We're sure not getting a Valentine's Day kiss at the gas pump.


  The average price of gasoline in San Antonio has jumped a dime a gallon just in the past week. The average today is $3.14 a gallon, and posted prices of less than $3 are becoming harder and harder to find.


  Patrick DeHaan of GasBuddy.com says you can blame the super cold weather we had earlier this week, and the blizzard which continues to pound the east and New England.


  "We've seen a sharp increase in the price of oil and the wholesale price of gasoline, which is now working down to retail pumps, and that's what we're seeing across the State of Texas," DeHaan said.


  He says cold weather raises the price of all fuels, and when cold weather hits at places that predominately use fuel oil for home and business heating, like New England, the price goes up even more.


  "There has been tremendous demand due to the cold weather from areas that due consume hearting oil," he said.  "And all of this is basically petroleum based."


  And even though temperatures today are expected to reach the low 80s in San Antonio, DeHaan expects gas prices to continue to rise at least for the next week to ten days, as the east and northeast dig out.


  So what about all of the oil gushing out of the shale fields of the Eagle Ford?  DeHaan says the shale oil boom has not repealed the laws of supply and demand, and right now anyway, there is plenty of demand.