San Antonio's high tech incubator known as 'Geekdom,' which nurtures and promotes tech start ups, has been so successful over the past year that the project is leaving the Weston Centre and moving to larger quarters, but will remain downtown, 1200 WOAI news has learned.


  Geekdom director Lorenzo Gomez says the concept has been super successful.


  "We have members who come here who want to get more plugged into the tech scene," Gomez said.  "We have members who are into the IT tech scene, but just don't want to work at home."


  Geekdom, which was co-founded by Rackspace CEO Graham Weston, bills itself as 'no contracts, no deposits, no landlords, just smart people changing the world.'  It provides space, technological expertise, and even access to start up cash for people with an idea for a tech start up.


  Gomez says Geekdom has remade San Antonio into a tech destination.


  "You have people who will move here from other cities and want to connect in a tech group," he says.  "This gives them an opportunity to connect with other people."


  Geekdom is now pushing for changes in Texas law to encourage 'crowd funding' and to attract venture capital firms which will provide funding for tech startups.  Weston has also co founded a second Geekdom, in San Francisco.


  Currently Geekdom has some 750mbers, who pay between $50 and $200 a month for access to not just tech experts, but also desk space, and a typically high tech work environment, which includes recreational and social activates.


  Gomez says the next Rackspace, or the next Yahoo, is being born at places like Geekdom.  Weston likes to point out that the first servers for YouTube were housed in the building which now houses Geekdom.


  "This growth is something that we would never have expected to see, even five years ago," Gomez said.