Four teenagers made a bad decision to steal a minivan early this morning, and then continued making a series of bad decisions which ended with three of them in jail and the fourth in the hospital, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  It all started about 12:30 this morning when police got a call for a suspicious vehicle driving slowly in the parking lot of the Warren House Apartments in the 2600 block of NW Loop 410.  After running the license plate, officers determined the van had been stolen last night in Live Oak.

  When officers arrived, first dumb mistake.  When the first officer drove up behind the mini van, the teen in the van threw it into gear and rammed into the police car.

  Then, dumb mistake number two. The teenagers then jumped out of the van and started to run, apparently under the mistaken impression that the police would simply forget about the whole thing.  Amazingly, that didn't happen.

  Police cars flooded the area, and the police helicopter was called out.

  Three of the teens were arrested almost immediately, but the fourth made dumb mistake number two.

  He thought it would be a fantastic idea to dash across Loop 410 without looking to see if anybody was coming.

  Splat!  He was hit almost immediately by a taxi and rushed to University Hospital in undetermined condition.

  When he gets out he will face a laundry list of charges including evading arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle, and criminal mischief for ramming the patrol car.

  The officer in the patrol car that got rammed was not hurt.