The American Strays Canine Survey wants to count all of the stray dogs in San Antonio, 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason reports.


  Tom McPhee of the World Animal Awareness campaign tells 1200 WOAI news the group will use a math equation to try to determine exactly how many stray dogs there are in the city.


  "There is a series of tools where we measure a large urban space for the density and population of canines," he said.


  "Part of that is to try to understand their density and their roam.


  McPhee says canine overpopulation, due largely to a failure to get animals spayed and neutered, is the number one hindrance toward having a true no-kill environment for pets. 


  "We're using current digital tools and android technology to capture the data of animals that we see and load it into a database," he said.


  He says a good census of stray dogs in the city will allow officials to come up with strategies toward making sure that all animals are known and the city can come up with ways to make sure the population of strays is diminished.


  "The initiative is similar to the Audubon Society's annual bird count, population the dogs in large urban centers has created this need," he said.