An 18 year old Bexar County Jail inmate who bolted from a work detail just northwest of downtown today was arrested--at the Central Library on Soledad Street.


The Bexar County Sheriff's Office says Jesse Mata was seen running into the 'Enchelada Red' library about 2PM, two hours after jumping out of a van that was transporting the work gang to the job site.


  Two other people found with Mata, a man and a woman, were taken in fro questioning.


  Deputies say Mata jumped out of a van that was taking the work detail to a job site and ran off.  He was wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, but he was seen ripping that off when he was running away.


  Deputies say to be a trusty and have outside privileges, an inmate must be non violent, and serving time for a misdemeanor.  Trusty status also allows an inmate to reduce his jail sentence.


 Mata is expected to be charged with escape.