They're in the middle of a big time population explosion in Boerne.  1200 WOAI news reports Kendall County was the fifth fastest growing county of all counties in the USA in the past year, adding nearly 1800 new residents.


  Denis Graves, a Boerne Realtor who has been working to find homes for all those newcomers, says many of the newcomers are moving to Kendall County from other places in Texas.


  "Boerne is so sought after, we have a lot of people from Houston, San Antonio, Austin, other locations in Texas coming here," Graves said.  "Everybody wants to retire and come to Boerne."


  While Texas counties overall showed significant population growth in 2013, Kendall County rose the suburban wave.  Despite all of the claims that more people are moving into downtowns, motorists are tired of living far from work and long commutes are 'over,' the figures don't bear that out.  Many of the fastest growing counties in Texas are suburban counties, including Hays County south of Austin and Ft. Bend County west of Houston.


  Bexar County also saw significant population growth in 2013, adding 32,000 new residents in the past year, making Bexar the sixth fastest growing major county in the country in terms of numbers of new residents added.


  But for Kendall County, which doesn't have close to 32,000 residents total, Graves says the work is underway to take care of the new arrivals.


  "We are very cognizant of the demand, and we have a lot of new construction going on in and around Boerne, to provide places for everybody to live."


  She says a lot of long time locals are changing their driving patterns, because Kendall County has something it has never had before---traffic issues.  She says downtown and the Highway 46 area near I-10 are noticeably more congested today than they were a year ago.


  Graves also praised the Boerne ISD for staying ahead of the growth, building several new schools, including the new Champion High School which opened several years ago, so there is room for all the new kids in town.