These late Second Round playoff games may be murder on our sleep schedule, but it is money in the bank for local bars and liquor stores, 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez reports.


  Anet Alaniz with Pig Liquors in San Antonio says when the tip isn't until 8:30, or, when the series moves to Portland, 9:30, more customers feel inclined to tip a bottle.


  "We have a good little rush after 7 and 7:30," she said.  "That's why we want the Spurs to keep winning."


  Later starts cause problems for many commuters and office workers, who find their sleep schedule thrown off by games that don't end until between 11PM and Midnight.  But Alaniz says in the liquor business, the later the game, the more the cash register rings.


  "I need the Spurs to win right through the playoffs, because I do so well when the Spurs are playing," Alaniz said.  "People have house parties."


  She says late night Spurs games bring out a variety of drinkers.


  "It's vodka, its tequila, bourbon is a big craze all of a sudden, beer is always a favorite.  This is a big Spurs city, we love them like they're our family."