San Antonio’s Catholics took time Sunday to honor the two newest Saints of the Roman Catholic Church, Saint John Paul II and Saint John XXIII, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Both former Popes were canonized today at St. Peter's in the Vatican.


  At the same time as the ceremony, Pope John Paul II Catholic High School was formally renamed St. John Paul II Catholic High School.


  Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller recalled the 1987 visit to San Antonio by St. John Paul when he spoke at a mass of celebration for the canonization.


  "San Antonio has a unique connection to St. John Paul as he truly is a saint who walked among us in September of 1987 when he celebrated Mass before thousands at Westover Hills, traveled through our streets in the popemobile, spoke to a national gathering of Catholic Charities, celebrated at San Fernando Cathedral with men and women who were seeking to serve the Church as priests and nuns, and visiting San Antonio's west side religious icon, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church," the Archbishop said.  "Many San Antonians traveled around the world to experience World Youth Day in response to the great love he had for young people."


  The Archbishop also praised St. John XXIII as a man who had a 'vision of unity for people of all faiths.'