San Antonio tech start up Vysk has unveiled a case for smart phones that protects your users privacy from everything from 'cyber Peeping Toms' to the NSA, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "This is like a window at your house without curtains," Vysk co founder and CEO Victor Cocchia said.  "People are taking advantage of that."


  The Everyday Privacy Case holds Apple and Samsung smart phones, and it is equipped with a 'proprietary shutter system that engages at the flick of a switch.'


  "Consumers gain access to the exclusive Vysk Privacy Network to send and receive encrypted private texts and use of an encrypted private photo gallery," the company said in a news release.  "The Vysk Privacy System also prevents any metadata trail from ever being created.


  Cocchia says Edward Snowden focused attention on the threat that we all face from the prying eyes of hackers, government snoops, and neighbors who are interested in stealing your stuff.


  "Our daughters are having their camera taken over and pictures taken of them," he said.  "Our sons are having their text messages read by cyber-bullies who use them as fodder to bully them the next day."


  He cited a Pew Research study showing that one in four smart phone owners say their privacy was invaded and personal information stolen.


  "It's not just CEOs, Presidents, government officials who need privacy," he said.  "Privacy is an every day issue."


  Cocchia also announced that the retailer Best Buy will sell the Everyday Privacy Case starting in September.


  The Vysk announcement is another major boost for the local tech industry.  Just Thursday, City Council voted to approve an incentive deal to bring the tech giant Oracle to the city, with 200 jobs paying a minimum of $70,000 a year.