A prominent San Antonio oncologist tells 1200 WOAI news that the type of cancer which veteran news anchor Tom Brokaw has been diagnosed with has an encouraging prognosis, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Dr. Steven Kalter with San Antonio’s START Center says Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the blood cells in the bone marrow.


  Dr. Kalter says Brokaw is still on the air and still has all his hair, both of which are good signs.


  "This is not usually as aggressive as, say, acute leukemia," Dr. Kalter said.  "It is a disease that is hard to cure, but usually can be controlled."


  Brokaw retired as anchor of the NBC Nightly News in 2004, and he now, among other things, does a regular report on Americana which is heard on 1200 WOAI.


  Dr. Kalter says the cancer is serious like any cancer, but he says Brokaw's prognosis for treatment is good.


  "It puts pressure on the bones and causes pain and can even break the bones in some cases," Dr. Kalter said.  "But we have come a long ways, and it has a tendency to be a treatable malignancy."


  Dr. Kalter says the cancer is one that it is possible for a patient to continue with his or her daily life.


  "Often times the patients can function very well, just like other chronic diseases like diabetes, you can live a good quality of life."


  Brokaw, who is 74, says he has no intention of letting the cancer diagnosis affect his life and says he looks forward to all of the challenges that lie ahead.