Comcast says it will be about a year before it formally integrates local Time-Warner Cable customers into it's massive network, but CEO Steve Roberts is promising that local customers will be receiving the best in innovation both in television and broadband, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "The fastest broadband with the fastest in-home wi-fi with the most on demand offerings," is how Roberts envisions the combined company.


  Comcast is already the largest cable/broadband provider in the world.  It also owns the NBC television network and Universal Pictures.


  Comcast today announced it is acquiring Time-Warner Cable, which has been the predominant cable and broadband service provider in metro San Antonio for twenty years.


  Roberts says the combined company will also innovate in mobile technology.


  "A suite of capabilities on tablets and smart phones which will allow our customers to access our material on demand, whenever they want, wherever they want," Roberts said.


  Comcast said it will probably drop about 3 million of the combined company's cable subscribers as part of the deal, brining the company's customer base to about 30 million homes and businesses.


  Roberts says he sees the combined company's future also in enterprise development, everything from health care applications to energy efficient homes.


  Roberts declined to comment on whether the combined companies will shed jobs due to the merger, saying more on that will be known when the actual combination date comes closer.