Better shut up and drive, because that proposal to ban hand held cell phones while driving is gaining traction at San Antonio City Hall, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Several members of Council have signed on to the proposal floated just last week by northeast side Councilman Mike Gallagher, including Joe Krier.  The north side representative says things have changed a lot since Council rejected a similar proposal back in 2010.

  "Times have changed, people recognize the issue, because they see people talking on their cell phones while driving," Krier said.

  The fine being discussed for violating the law is $200, which is about the same as a standard speeding fine.

  Council in 2010 outlawed texting and writing e-mail while driving, but Krier says that law is essentially unenforceable, because police have no way of telling whether a motorist messing with a cell phone while behind the wheel is texting, or simply dialing a phone number.

  Krier says technology has also helped make it easier to ban hand held cell phones, and continuing to allow motorists to use a hand held device.

  "Technology is getting ahead of the problem and is now part of the solution," he said.  "Most new cars will now connect your cell phone to them when you get into the car."

  Still to be decided...whether the San Antonio ordinance will include an exception allowing motorists to check e-mail and make brief phone calls while they are stopped at a red light or stuck in traffic.