The 2014 Texas A&M Texas Transportation Institute study of the most congested highways in Texas shows that the 3.6 mile stretch of Interstate 35 from Loop 410 to the 410 South Cutoff, the area around Brooke Army Medical Center, is the single most congested stretch of roadway in Bexar County, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  But Bexar County's roads are mild compared to the rest of the state.  According to the Institute's Tim Lomax, there are 40 stretches of highway statewide which are more congested than the most congested highway in Bexar County.  Harris County alone has 20 stretches of highway that are more congested than that particular stretch of 35.  Dallas County has 10, Tarrant County has 4, Travis County has 3, and El Paso County has one stretch more congested.

  "I think one of the things we see in San Antonio is, your road network has been built out faster than the population in the past," Lomax said.

  He says the state's highways are getting more congested, due largely to the improving economy.

  "Really what we're seeing is the effect of the good Texas economy, and the fact that we haven't been adding enough roads, or adding enough transit, or solving the problem at the rate that the problem has been growing," Lomax said.

  The single most congested stretch of highway in Texas is Loop 610, the West Loop Freeway, from the Katy Freeway (I-10) to to the Southwest Freeway (I-69) in Harris County.

  The other most congested highways in Bexar County, in order:


#2 -- Interstate 35 from Interstate 37 to Highway 90 north and west of downtown


#3 -- Interstate 10 from Loop 1604 to Loop 410 on the Northwest side


#4 -- Interstate 35 from Loop 1604 to Loop 410 on the Northeast side.


#5 -- US 281 from Stone Oak Parkway to Loop 1604 on the North side


#6 -- Loop 410 from US 281 to Interstate 10


#7 -- Interstate 35 from Highway 3009 to Loop 1604 on the far Northeast side.


#8 -- Bandera Road from State 1560 (at O'Connor High School) to Loop 410


#9 -- Loop 410 from US 281 to Interstate 35