A package found abandoned at a Starbucks on Wurzbach Parkway prompted the evacuation of the Prue Road San Antonio Police Substation today when an officer brought the package to the substation, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "The officer brought that package back to the substation, and under controlled circumstances, we were able to call in the bomb squad, and haz-mat from the fire department," Police Sergeant Javier Salazar said.

  He says that after closing off Prue Road at Fredericksburg near USAA and scrambling numerous units, it was determined that the package was paper wrapped in duct tape.

  Salazar says the goal now is to find the person who left it at the Starbucks and see what the deal was.

  "If their intent was to be a joke, it is certainly not funny," he said.  "It's being taken quite seriously and we are looking at who that person might be."

  He says he has no idea what the package, which was about the size of a dictionary, might have been, whether it was garbage, or whether it was intended as a prank to scramble emergency services.

  If it was a prank, Salazar says criminal charges or civil penalties might result.