The current school year may not be over for another seven weeks, but the Northside ISD is already looking ahead to next year.


  The annual Kinder Roundup starts this week, meaning parents of four year old need to go to their nearby school to register their kids for kindergarten.


  Bonnie Taylor, who is a kindergarten teacher at Myers Elementary School, says it's important to know how many kids will be showing up for school in August, so the elementary schools can prepare.


  "When Myers first started we had four kinder teachers," she said.  "Then we had five, and this year and the coming year, we'll have six kindergarten teachers."


  She says the school district doesn't automatically know what four year olds are preparing to go to school in August, so parents have to register.  She says if parents neglect to register, their child may end up being busses to a far away school, which is not the optimal situation for a young child.


  Taylor says kindergarten, or 'kinder' as it is now more commonly called, has changed a lot in the last decade or two.


  "Back when I started it was half day kindergarten and it was more social," she said.  "A lot of social interaction, kind of like what pre-k is today.  Today  kinder has become really academic.  By the end of kindergarten today students are expected to be reading."