San Antonio has been selected as the home for PAX Central, a kind of Super Bowl for the computer gaming industry, and that is another indication that the city is emerging as a major center for technology and for young adult popular culture, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports.


  PAX events currently take plane annually in Boston, Seattle and in Australia, and the head of PAX says a central event in San Antonio was 'always a matter of 'when,' rather than 'if.'


  City Council Diego Bernal says the decision to locate the 'celebration of gamer culture' speaks volumes about how San Antonio is emerging as a cultural destination for college educated millennials.


  "When I was in high school, a lot of people who were destined to go to college couldn't wait to get out of this town," Bernal said.  "Now they can't wait to come back."


  It also reinforces San Antonio's standing as a major center in the technical industry.


  "Who would have thought that maybe ten years ago that this would be an emerging industry in our city," Bernal said.  "And also that there would be a critical mass of people in San Antonio who love this stuff."


  PAX South is set for next January at the Convention Center.  The event is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of the year.  The PAX events in Seattle and Boston routinely attract close to 70,000 people and spill over from the meeting center to the entire community.


  The event will include an opening keynote speech from a computer gaming industry hotshot, followed by 'game culture inspired' concerts, discussions of the status of the latest and future computer games, and game tournaments.


  A report released earlier this spring said San Antonio is number one in the country in attracting college educated young people.  76,000 have moved to the city ince 2007, making San Antonio one of the country’s leading ‘brainpower communities.’