The leaders of Gov. Rick Perry's legal team are expected to announce later today that they will not accept taxpayer money for their fees, and that the governor will establish a legal defense fund to pay their billable hours through private donations.

  The question of whether taxpayers would foot the six figure bill for defending Perry from allegations of misuse of power had become a major issue, especially among Democratic activist groups.

  Meanwhile, the message from the Republican Party is clearly that, even though he is a Republican, San Antonio attorney Mike McCrum, who was the special prosecutor in the case, is acting on behalf of partisan Democratic interests, either intentionally or as a 'dupe' of the Democrats.

  "This is not the way that we settle political differences," Buzbee said.

  McCrum says he is not on a political witch hunt.

  "I am not going to get into that, that didn't go into my consideration whatsoever," McCrum said.

  Meanwhile, Texas Republican Party Chair Steve Munisteri is questiong whether McCrum really is a Republican.

  "Our database doesn't show him as a strong Republican," Munisteri said.  "Our data base shows him as a person who votes both ways.  He has given money to Democrats."

  Meanwhile, claims are emerging that one of the grand jurors who indicted Perry on charges of misuse of office and coercion is an active Democrat, who even attended the Texas Democratic Party convention, while she was sitting on the panel, and who praised many of the witnesses against Perry.

  The watchdog site Media Trackers says Rho Chalmers, who the Houston Chronicle identifies as a member of the grand jury, posted repeatedly on Facebook about her attendance at the state convention, even showing a 'selfie' of her wearing her party credentials.

  Media Trackers also reports that one of the events Chalmers attended at the convention featured State Sen. Kirk Watson (D-Austin) who later gave sworn testimony before the grand jury.