The Texas Attorney General says scammers are out there impersonating their investigators and ripping people off, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The way the scam works--somebody claiming to be an 'investigator' with the Texas Attorney General, calls a victim, claims the person is the object of a criminal investigation, or a warrant is out for their arrest for 'failure to repay a short term loan.'


  The scammer says the person can take care of the offense by either immediately forking over cash, or by providing their personal information, including bank account information, to the phony investigator.


  If the person says they want to pay off the alleged 'loan,' the scammer tells them to go to a nearby convenience store and buy a 'pre paid debit cars' and load it with cash...and call back the thief and read him the number.


  "Under no circumstances does a representative of the Office of the Attorney General solicit payments fro0m Texans to pay off short term loans immediately," a spokesman told 1200 WOAI news.  "Nor does the Attorney General's office issue arrest warrants for this purpose."


  The real A.G. says anybody who is approached or called in this manner should notify police immediately.  The scam is a variation of one that has been making the rounds for some time, in which a caller claims to be with local police, and warns the person is in trouble for missing jury duty.


  "As with many ploys to obtain individuals' personal information, it is likely that many of these imposters are actually thousands of miles away, often in other countries and out of the reach of U.S. law enforcement," the A.G.'s office said.  "This impersonation ploy is particularly effective because it causes the victims to react immediately out of fear that they are facing criminal investigations."