"Dawn of Planet of the Apes" crushed the movie box office over the weekend, racking in an amazing $73 million.  Meanwhile, last week's box office champion,  "Transformers, the Age of Extinction," surged over the $200 million mark in total box office, after just two weeks.

  It appears that it is a fantasy world we're living in.

  Bob Schaffer, who runs Dragon's Lair, the city's prominent comic book store on Fredericksburg Road, says millennials have a yen for fantasy, and they're driving the success of the genre to new heights.
  "It is partly their reaction to the poor conditions in the real world," he said.

  But he says this time, the fantasy spike is more broad based, and includes millennial women more than men.  In the past, fans fo the fantasy genre have mainly been men.

  He says the fantasy boom began on television.  He says some of the biggest shows of the past couple of years have been classic comic book fantasy.

  "The Walking Dead," "The Game of Thrones," and "Sleepy Hollow," especially with women, there is a large female audience for that," Schaffer said.

  Schaffer says there is no reason to believe the fantasy boom will fade away any time soon.

  "We now have all the fairy tales, "Once Upon a Time," "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," and "Grimm"," he said.

  Analysts say you can track the rise and fall of fantasy if you track the unease people have with their economy and with the future of society, and millennials more than any other group have borne the brunt of the Great Recession and the painfully slow recovery.