Even though a majority of Texan consider themselves to be 'conservatives,' a comprehensive new poll released by Texas Tech University shows Texans are not toeing the conservative line on two key issues, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The poling, from the Earl Survey Research Lab at Texas Tech, shows the attitudes of Texans are changing markedly when it comes to gay marriage.  For the first time in any poll, more Texans, 48% support gay marriage than oppose it, 47%.  While support for gay marriage has not year reached 50%, pollster Mark McKenzie says the numbers are significant.


  "In the past, support for gay marriage in this state was below 40%," McKenzie said.  "Now, we're closely divided on the issue."


  And, Texans, 44% of whom say they 'largely approve of the Tea Party,' are breaking with the conservative Tea Party on the issue of illegal immigration.


  "A majority of Texans believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay and apply for citizenship," McKenzie said.  A clear majority, 56% of Texans, say they support a 'pathway to citizenship' for individuals in this country illegal today.  Only 22% of Texans believe that illegal immigrants should be required to leave.


  But on other key issues, Texans are as rigidly conservative as ever.  President Obama has only a 23% approval rating, and 75% of exams feel that under Obama, the nation is moving in the 'wrong direction.'


  The poll also shows there is little support for Democratic Party efforts to throw out the state's voter ID law.  An amazing 97% of Texans, including clear majorities of Hispanics and African Americans, the very people that Democrats claim to be 'protecting' by opposing voter ID laws, say they have 'no problems' showing an ID to vote.


  The poll has nothing good to say about the Democratic candidates for statewide office.  It shows Republican Greg Abbott with a more than two to one lead over Democrat Wendy Davis, 54% to 25%.