The San Antonio Public Library is venturing into Netflix territory.


  Digital Services Director Ignacio Alberacin says the Library is now offering free streaming Hollywood movies to patrons with a library card.  He says the Library has entered into an agreement the STARZ to make its library of titles available to customers.


  He stresses that the movies are actually Hollywood theater movies.


  "Some of these titles are very mainstream titles," he said.  "With STARZ, it's movies like 'DJango Unchained.'


  He says the Library has also entered into agreements with OverDrive, Inc, Hoopla, and Freegal to offer movies and TV shows in streaming format, accessible on devices ranging from smart TVs to iPhones.


  "Freegal Movies lets you download and watch up to three free movies a week," he said.


  He says anybody with a library card will be able to use the service for free.


  Another deal the Library has is with Zinio, which calls itself 'the world's largest newsstand.'


  "You don't have to pay for that subscription any more, you can just use us and Zinio and start reading the latest edition of whatever magazine you want," he said.


  Zinio's library catalog includes hundreds of mainstream titles from Esquire to Newsweek to Mother Jones, as well as specialized magazines.


  Alberacin says the world is getting into the digital age, and it is important that the library be there as well.


  He says in the coming weeks, the Library will announce more agreements with streaming and on line content providers.


  "If you want to save some money, you can cancel that Netflix subscription," he said.


  But the Library does not offer 'House of Cards.'  At least not yet.