Opponents of that controversial downtown streetcar today put what they call the 'greedy crony businessmen' who they say are pushing the controversial plan---you will bid on lucrative contracts to build the streetcar at your peril.


  Several members of the Tea Party and other anti-streetcar groups told Bexar County Commissioners Court that since support is growing on San Antonio City Council and elsewhere for a November vote on the streetcar, it would be 'irresponsible' for VIA Metro Transit to award contracts on the $270 million project.


  "The commissioners have a responsibility to the voters to direct the VIA trustees they appoint to stop VIA from awarding any contracts until after the voters have had their say concerning the streetcar," anti streetcar activist George Rodriguez said.


  Rodriguez said no matter how much VIA trustees may 'fantasize' about wanting the downtown streetcar built, unless they want to turn the dirty themselves, they need contractors to do it.  And if no contractors bid, the streetcar will not be built.


  "What we've got to make sure that (County Judge) Nelson Wolff and others who support it know, is that this is a project that the people are against," he said.


  Activists said they will make public the names of any contractors who plan to bid on the streetcar and work to prevent those companies from getting any other jobs.  They say they will also put the contractors on notice that any contracts that are awarded may be loss leaders, because if the people vote against the streetcar, no funds will be available and they will not be paid, and will possibly lose millions of dollars on any work that has been done.


  Rodriguez said VIA 'falsely' states that the streetcar project is 'too far advanced' to be stopped...but he says without contractors to do the job, nothing will be done.


  "A lot of this is being motivated by elitist politicians but also by greedy crony businessmen," he said.


  He called the streetcar plan 'economic foolishness.'