They root for the Spurs in San Antonio, and they root for the Mavs in Dallas...but who are people who live halfway between the two cities pulling for in the NBA Playoff series?


  The City of Belton is almost exactly halfway between San Antonio and Dallas on Interstate 35.


  “They really just watch it to watch it,” the manager of a Belton sports bar told 1200 WOAI’s Stephanie Narvaez.  “We get a good mix, it’s pretty diverse because we are in the middle.”


  But she joked that there probably are more Spurs than Mavericks fans in Belton.


  “It’s going to be Spurs fans,” she said.  “They’re more die hard fans.  They’re going to win, that’s why everybody loves them.”


  The Belton fans are a good example about how the Spurs’ winning history has in many ways turned them into Texas’ team in the NBA.  Surveys show that the Spurs are more popular overall than the Mavericks or the Houston Rockets, and Spurs jerseys outsell those from both of their in-state rivals.


  The broadcast of game two, Spurs and Mavericks, starts at 6:30 tonight on Spursradio 1200 WOAI, with the tip off from the AT&T Center at 7.