Mayor Ivy Taylor took the VIA Metro Transit board to the woodshed late Thursday, telling the board that now is the time to forget about that downtown streetcar, at least for now.

  VIA will announce later today what the plan for the streetcar is moving forward, but Taylor told the board, many of whom are city appointed, that the thing to do now is to 'pause' the project.

  "It is also important that the transportation plan that we have in place is one that the community understands and can embrace," she said.

  Taylor said the streetcar was never embraced by the city, and she said that's why the city is going back to square one with a new look at transportation.

  "The City of San Antonio is asking VIA to pause the current streetcar plan, and work with the city, the county, and the entire community to develop a new multi modal transportation plan," she said.

 Taylor forced the issue of the streetcar earlier this week when she abruptly recommended that the $32 million the city has allocated for the project be pulled and allocated to additional projects.

  County Judge Nelson Wolff, who has also appointed several members of the VIA board, also urged county appointees earlier this week to scrap the streetcar, which is nearly universally opposed by Bexar County residents. 

  Taylor stressed that any future attempt to build a streetcar will 'culminate with a public vote.'

  "The ordinance will state that no streetcar project will move forward without a vote of the citizens."

  She also urged VIA to be a part of the effort to come up with a 'total transportation plan' which will improve transportation 'across the entire city.'