The Texas Republican Party has gone on record endorsing what is called 'reparative therapy,' a very controversial and frequently outlawed practice by which psychiatrists claim they can turn gays into heterosexuals, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Specifically, a platform plank adopted at the State GOP convention in Ft. Worth denounces efforts by some states to outlaw the practice.  It has already been banned in two states.  The Republican platform says banning reparative therapy would interfere in the doctor patient relationship.

  Debate was not allowed on the reparative therapy plank.  The delegates approved a parliamentary motion to approve the entire platform before debate was opened on that particular issue.

  The reparative therapy plank was strongly supported by the arch conservative 'Texas Eagle Forum.'

  In other business, the party approved planks denouncing and opposing the legalization of medical marijuana, and took a strong line on immigration, rejecting attempts to approve a 'guest worker' program.