The provocative Texas pizza company Pizza Patron is upset that Spanish language radio stations won't play it's new commercials, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The ads are for a new pizza which is named after the Spanish version of 'the F-word,' and a lot of stations are worried that if they play the ad, they'll get fined by the FCC.


  But Pizza Patron's Edgar Padilla says the word is not considered an obscenity in Mexican Spanish, and you hear worse every day.


  "We use a word that is very popular among Mexicans," he said.  "We never try to offend anybody."


  Padilla says anybody watching a telenovela or listening to Norteno music will hear words which are a lot worse than this.


  "Listening to Spanish radio stations, I hear songs that use stronger words, and they don't have any problem using those," he said.


  Padilla says 'chingon' is used frequently in conversation and roughly translates into 'it's cool' or 'its awesome,' but the meaning varies depending on the slang of various regions of Mexico.


  Pizza Patron has wasted no time in making fun of the controversy, advertising it's pizza, called 'La Chingona' as 'Censurado' or 'censored.'


  Pizza Patron got plenty of free publicity with campaigns to give discounts to customers who ordered in Spanish, and once said it would accept payment in pesos.