There is no good news for Democrats in a new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll of candidates ahead of the March 4 primary, 1200 WOAI News reports.  Republican Greg Abbott appears to have shrugged off 'Nugent-gate' and has pulled out to an 11 percentage point lead over Democrat Wendy Davis.  In the last Texas poll, Abbott held a six percentage point lead.


  47% of Texas voters polled by the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas say they will vote for Abbott for governor, with 36% of voters saying they plan to vote for Davis.  A relatively small 17% remain undecided, a rather small number for this early in the race.


  Neither Abbott nor Davis has serious competition for their party's nomination, so both are already running for the November election.


  The biggest shocker in the race is in the Democratic race for U.S. Senate, for the right to face off against Republican Senator John Cornyn in November.


  The leader, and by a wide margin, is perennial candidate Kesha Rogers, a follower of fringe political leader Lyndon LaRouche.  In a clip on her own campaign web site, Rogers brags about 'standing with Lyndon LaRouche' in painting a 'Hitler mustache' on signs showing the face of President Obama.  When Rogers ran for Congress, she was disavowed by the Texas Democratic Party.


  David Alameel and Maxie Scherr, who are legitimate candidates for the Senate seat, trail far behind Rogers.


  In other rates, the poll shows incumbent David Dewhurst and conservative Houston State Senator Dan Patrick heading for a runoff in the race for Lieutenant Governor.