Texas has won top honors from 'Site Selection' magazine as the best state in the country to either locate a new business or expand an existing business, the fifth time in the past decade that Texas has won the top honor, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Under the headline 'What Texas Does Right,' the magazine cited in addition to the usual factors like low taxes and a skilled workforce, new factors which is said are 'increasingly priorities' in the site selection process, including an adequate supply of water, affordable power and transportation infrastructure which allows products and citizens to move around safely and expeditiously.

  "We have been working on those for the last decade," Gov. Rick Perry told the publication.  "In the competitive world we are in today, we had better play our best game every day.  This experiment that we started in 2003 (aggressively searching for new employers to come to Texas) has proven to be very, very successful."

  The magazine pointed out Perry's high profile trips to states like California, Illinois, Connecticut and Maryland to pitch the Texas business climate.

  "These forays always delivered headlines and publicity that helped make Texas' case," the magazine said.  "Which was rarely the intention of those writing the articles and headlines criticizing the trips."

  Perry told Site Selection, "One reason I go into these states is that I truly believe that if our country is going to recovery economically and if we are going to be as strong as we can be and if Americans are going to be able to have access to good paying jobs, it will come from states being free from one size fits all policies emanating from Washington DC."

  Among the successes the magazine cited actually happened in 2014, the decision by Los Angeles based Occidental Petroleum to move its corporate headquarters from California, where it was founded in the 1930s, to Houston.  It also pointed out a report that was issued last year in which Texas surpassed California, the home of Silicon Valley, to become the largest tech exporting state in the nation.