Step up, guys, because that's what the ladies want.


  Research done at the University of North Texas shows when it comes to love size, at least height, matters.


  Researcher George Yancy says when presented with men of all heights, woman, almost universally and sometimes subconsciously, prefer taller men.


  The reason may date more to evolutionary biology to today's reality.  Yancy says women say teller men provide them with a 'sense of safety.'


  Yancy says he was surprised that in this day and age, that preference for tell men, which clearly dates to evolutionary biology, is still in place.


  "Personally just because I'm talker, I don't think I'm a better protector, because a gun equalizes everything," he said.


  Yancy says women want taller men even if they themselves are taller than average.


  "Whether you're a tall woman or a short one, a woman wants a tall guy for protection."


  Fully half of women of all heights say they would never date a man who is shorter than they are.


  Men, on the other hand, care less about the height of the women they go out with.  They say they are more interested in women who fit their own body size.


  Yancy says it's even better for a man who is tall, and has a deep voice.


  "That guy has hit the biological jackpot," he said.  Researchers say women find low-pitched male voices sexy.