A North Texas town is inviting residents and visitors to sing me a song, because you're the piano man.

  Corsicana, a city of about 23,000 southeast of Dallas, is erecting brightly painted pianos all over downtown, and inviting people to release their inner Elton John.

  Corsicana Parks and Recreation Director Sharla Allen says it's a 'creative and decorative idea' to promote a town which is currently known as the home of the Collin Street Bakery, which is one of the country's largest manufacturers of fruit cakes.

  "It's just a little fun, artsy project for our city," she said Thursday.

  Allen says eight pianos have been donated to the city for the 'Piano Project,' one of which was donated 'within ten minutes' of her floating the idea on the city's Facebook page.

  "Various artists have gathered here to paint them up, and we will place them in various places around downtown and invite people to sit down and play," she said.

  She concedes that the brutal North Texas weather will give the pianos a short shelf life, and although they will be weatherproofed, when they start to 'sag' they will be removed, and possibly replaced with newly donated pianos.

  "One of them is pink, I'd like to see Marilyn Monroe painted on that and have it placed in front of Merle Norman's," she said.

  She says one of the donated pianos has been in the family that donated it for a century.

  "We have a lot of places downtown where there is music in the evenings," she said.  "I hope to put them in front of those places."

  The idea, she said, is to allow every man, woman, and child to have fun and experience music, and, play before a crowd.