There was no 'violence' at local schools on Thursday, but there will be significant damage done to the budgets of area school districts from that bogus threat of mass violence, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Attendance rates at local schools were in some cases just two thirds of normal, with attendance between 65% and 70% reported by many large districts.


  Pascual Gonzalez of the Northside ISD says that will be reflected in payments the district receives from the state, which are based on per pupil attendance.


  "The fact is that every student that is absent in Northside or any other district in San Antonio will cost that school anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars," he said.  "While that may not seem a lot for each child, collectively you could be looking at a significant amount of money."


  If 40% of Northside students were absent on Thursday, that would amount to roughly 40,000 students.  At $50 a head, that is a cost of $2,000,000, money which will have to be covered by local taxpayers.


  "Money obviously to use was not the main concern in this, safety is always the main concern," Gonzalez said.


  Similar numbers were reported in districts across the city.


  A person obligingly calling him or herself 'The San Antonio Serial Killer' e-mailed threats to districts late last week, warning of mass violence at an elementary school on April 24.  The e-mails contained some clumsily written phrases that the person who wrote it obviously thought sounded like something that a murderer would say.


  Today is Battle of Flowers Day, so Bexar County schools are closed anyway.