This is the time of year where many people are keeping a close eye on their brackets.  And there is no place where brackets loom as large as in Brackettville.


  The Kinney County town of 1600 located about 75 miles west of San Antonio on Highway 90 is best known as the home of Alamo Village, the attraction built by the late Happy Chandler for the filming of the 1960 John Wayne movie 'The Alamo' and a tourist attraction in the decades after that.  But during March Madness, Mayor Zandra Negrete says all eyes turn to brackets, and that means Brackettville.


  "That's nice, that's okay," said Mayor Negrete, who has obviously fielded questions about her town's unique name during many March Madnesses. "That's our name, it's no big deal."


  Believe it or not, Brackettville was not named after March Madness. The city history says it was named for Oscar Brackett, who opened the first dry goods store in what was then called Los Moras.


  "The only difference is that we have a double T, rather than just one T in 'bracket', Mayor Negrete says.  "This is a good town, a good little town, everybody knows each other here."


  The Mayor says she thinks maybe they are also a little bit better at filling out those NCA brackets.