Just when you thought this winter couldn't get any worse---the National Weather Service has issued a warning for 'Thundersleet' tonight into tomorrow morning.


  The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory from 8 PM Monday to noon Tuesday.  The forecast calls for freezing rain, and sleet.


  "It may accumulate on roadways, especially elevated roads such as bridges and overpasses," the forecast said.


  The forecast also warns of 'thundersleet,' in metro San Antonio tonight and tomorrow.


  "Thundersleet' is defined as a 'rare weather pattern' which occurs when 'thunder and lightning occur at the same time as sleet or freezing rain.'


  "Scientific American' says 'less than one percent of observed snowstorms unleash thundersleet.'


  The forecast also was snow could occur on Tuesday morning.  If a measurable amount of snow does fall, it would be the latest in the year that measurable snow has ever fallen on Bexar County.


  Tuesday morning's commute is expected to include slippery roads, freezing bridge decks, and limited visibility.


  And then, true to form, we'll be back into the seventies by Thursday.