VIA Metro transit today began work on a transit facility at Highway 281 and Stone Oak Parkway which, eventually, will feed traffic into taxpayer funded high occupancy vehicle lanes on 281, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The transit station is part of 'Project Smart Move,' a plan to 'increase mobility, promote transit oriented development, help improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, stimulate economic development, promote pedestrian and bike friendly neighborhoods, and enhance access to the downtown area.


  The Stone Oak facility has nothing to do with VIA's controversial downtown streetcar scheme.


  The first phase of the Stone Oak transit facility will be completed by next year.


  High Occupancy Vehicles on 281 are part of the so called 'Super Tolls' plan, floated in December by the Regional Mobility Authority.  The plan would use a $10 a year increase in the vehicle registration fee, as well as other tax money, to build roads that would only be open to mass transit vehicles and approved carpools.