A federal appeals court in Austin ruled today that an opponent of the controversial downtown streetcar must post a bond of nearly $4 million to be allowed to continue to fight the project in court, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "The District court set a bond in the amount of $3.855 million to secure (VIA Metropolitan Transportation) District against damages or costs that may occur because of the delay caused by George Alejos continued participation if the District finally prevails," the court ruled, saying there is no grounds to vacate or rehear that order.


 Alejos is charging that VIA cannot use sales tax money from the 2004 Advanced Transportation District bond issue to build two transit stations which may be connected to the streetcar.  He says VIA promised voters that the money would not be used for 'light rail.'


  VIA claims the stations are part of its mandate to expand mass transit services in San Antonio.


  VIA hopes to break ground for the streetcar in 2015.