San Antonio Police today charged a 23 year old woman with aggravated kidnapping in connection with the bizarre abduction of a Corpus Christi area man, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Detectives say Vanessa Ann Luna placed an ad on a 'back page' web site offering escort services.

   "Our victim answered the back page, and was subsequently taken hostage by the suspect, and also by another male," Police Officer Douglas Greene said.

  A police report claims that when he met Luna at a Corpus Christi hotel the two had sex, but then another man walked out of a closed and started beating and punching him.

  Police say Luna and the man forced the victim to give them money, and he was tied up with a telephone cord and had an iron placed to his face, and told not to cream.

  "Our victim was beaten and tortured and transported to San Antonio and was held at a hotel room against his will."

  The victim told police that when he tried to escape, he was stopped and 'punched so hard that he thought his face was broken.' 

  All this time, Luna and the man kept threatening to kill him.

  At one point he managed to escape and notify police.

  Luna was arrested when she was pulled over driving the victim's car. 

  The man remains at large.