A 46 year old San Antonio woman has been sentenced to three years in prison for a horrible case of animal abuse.

1200 WAOI news reports that Herlinda Trigo tied her pet dog to the back pumper of her pickup truck, and then started driving around, dragging the dog behind her.

A witness testified that when he saw Trigo stopped at a traffic signal and tried to warn her that she had a dog tied to her truck, but she just cursed at him and sped away.  The man said he could 'hear the dog's neck snap' when she drove off.

Two days after Trigo's arrest another dog, in 'very poor condition' was found at her home. 

Visiting Senior Judge Pat Priest declared that Trigo's vehicle was a 'deadly weapon' in this case, meaning she'll have to serve fully half of her sentence before being eligible for parole.

Prosecutors say Trigo ran away during her trial, and was not found until two days after jurors returned a guilty verdict.  She also has done prison time in the past for cocaine delivery.

Trigo actually got off easy.  She could have gotten 20 years in prison, and prosecutors asked for 15.